Wedding Trends Autumn 2014




Wedding dress Trends Autumn 2014
From those in know apparently strapless is out and open back is in. We love this look sexy and elegant yet comfortable to wear. Well lets face it we all know how difficult it is to keep a strapless dress in place.A good style suited to most figures.

Downton Abbey Inspired Wedding

collage_6If you are one of the thousands of people who have fallen in love with the TV series Downton Abbey with its beautiful old world charm, you might want to consider incorporating Downton Abbey’s beauty into your wedding theme.

Downton Abbey has re-awoken our love of the elegance that was the early 20th century and would be a fabulous theme for a wedding.

Styling right through from your wedding dress to your venue this look can be achieved easily with little touches by simply making your table centre pieces spectacular with china and crystal to all out Silver service dinner for your guests.

You could go one step further and ask your guest to dress inspired by the roaring 20’s style which is on trend at the moment with flapper dresses and waist coats for the men, or you could go all out and have your guests dress in period costume from the time which can be hired.